Commissioner Marion Williams says he wants to fire Heery International

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News 12 at six o'clock/ Tuesday August 12, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga (WRDW) -- One Augusta commissioner said he is on a mission to fire Heery International.

The company has made millions managing several projects for the city.

Commissioner Marion Williams is calling for the company's termination because of issues with renovations at the municipal building.

"I'm going to keep having issues with it. In fact, I want this back on the agenda," said Commissioner Marion Williams.

Commissioner Marion Williams has been saying that same thing for three weeks. He wants Heery International fired but can't get the votes to do it. Willams cites the lack of public bathrooms and says the marble palace is not handicap accessible. The clerk's office had to be redesigned costing an extra $500,000.

"Now they are trying to go back and do it and say it's not going to cost any more money. Common sense says it will cost more money," said Commissioner Marion Williams.

"Let's try to move on and help them get it done. If we got some things to be changed, then we need to get some changes in offices and all of that," said Commissioner Grady Smith.

The city has paid Heery International $11 million since 2004 to manage big projects like the Sheriff's Office and the Tee Center. News 12 did some checking and found the c ompany gave money to four sitting commissioners and two incoming commissioners.

The company also financially supported Mayor-Elect Davis and his opponent Commissioner Mason for mayor.

The Georgia state ethics commission and the Richmond County Board of Elections say it's legal as long as the amounts are reported.

"We are not the only one's having problems with them. They have situations in Atlanta now," said Commissioner Marion Williams.

According to media reports out of Atlanta, Dekalb County Schools settled a lawsuit with Heery.

The school system wanted $100 million but ended up settling for much less.

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