Commission votes on nightclub, smoking ban and Urban Redevelopment Plan

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News12 at 11/ Nov. 5th 2013

Augusta, Ga (WRDW)--Augusta Commissioners are going forward with plans to develop an Urban Redevelopment Plan. Leaders voted earlier to rewrite the plan to designate only a handful of mostly city owned properties as areas of improvement.

Also instead of using the word "slum" they are using the code which when you look it up is the definition of a slum. The move once it gets final approval could give the city 20 million dollars to renovate the municipal building.

Commissioner Grady Smith says he voted for it because it would save the city money in the long run.

Smokers don't have to put down there lighters while enjoying Augusta nightlife anytime soon.

Commissioners voted 6 to 4 to dismiss a proposed smoking ban in bars and nightclubs. Some wanted to table the discussion and make improvements to the ordinance and then bring it back for a vote. Commissioner Joe Jackson voted against it. He says it's time for government to step out of private citizens lives.

Also tonight, Skittlez nightclub is now officially closed for business. Leaders voted to revoke the owner Timothy Lowery's Alcohol and Business license because Richmond County deputies found a minor inside while he was on probation.

Lowery was on probation because nude pictures surfaced of an exotic dancer and minor on stage.
Lowery says he let the teen inside because he was afraid of his safety,

Commissioners voted to close it down indefinitely.

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