Grovetown Gun Range appeal hearing tonight

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Some neighbors along Newmantown Road in Grovetown are fighting to get a local shooting range shut down for good.


"We’re going to do whatever it takes to stop this from happening in our neighborhood," says Bobbie Bauserman who lives near the range

Since 2010—Neighbors living on Newmantown road in Grovetown have been dealing with hearing gunshots.

"The noise that it creates is just unbearable," Bauserman says.

The gun fire is coming from Paul Blakenship’s gun range—on his own private property.

But according to both Georgia code and Columbia county code—Blakenship can have a gun range on his property—as long as isn’t for commercial use. But on June 24th—Columbia County issued Blakenship a cease and desist order. Blakenship and his attorney are planning to fight that order at tonight’s planning commission meeting.
But that’s not what.s troubling neighbors.

"Just because no one has been struck yet," says Bauserman, "doesn’t mean that a bullet has gone across the berm and landed somewhere."

They fear that one of those bullets might go off range.The planning commission says that unless Blakenship can prove that the range isn’t for commercial use—he’ll have to apply for a special lot permit. But neighbors just want it gone.

"We’ve gotta make it stick. This appeal can not go through," Bauserman says.

The appeal hearing is set for 6:00 PM at the Government Complex auditorium in Evans.