College in Georgia will cost more; UGA, GT, GRU sees biggest rise

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News 12 11pm / Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Augusta, Ga. (WRDW) -- A college education is a big investment that's about to cost more for students and their parents in Georgia. A board that sets the tone for all public colleges in the state approved an increase of at least 2.5% for 27 schools in Georgia, but as News 12 reports some will see even bigger increases. GRU will see a 4% jump, while UGA and Georgia Tech will see at least a 7% rise, but the surge does mean one good thing-- free textbooks

"It's going up again," asked a student that goes to GRU Augusta.

"I don't know how I'm going to pay for school? It just keeps rising," said the college junior.

The Board of Regents says the jump will fulfill their instructional mission, but also address the affordability concerns of students and parents.

"More loans to get and more loans to pay when I graduate," said Inesha Carruth.

Carruth pays for school with a combination of loans, grants, and out of pocket money. She says she will feel the 4 % increase, but it could be worse.

"I guess it's a little compared to what UGA is going to have to pay-- 7%," she told News 12.

UGA, Georgia Tech, Georgia State, and GRU were the only four to see a jump higher than 2.5%. The boards says those schools saw the biggest jump based on the market to retain nationally recognized faculty.

"This is the second time it's risen and I think it was the same time last year," April Henry told News 12.

Henry says she'll start looking for jobs to cover the extra $400 increase, but there is some good news with the increase-- free books.

"I feel like that's a scam--I feel like they are trying to butter us up like, " hey we are going to raise your tuition, but we are going to give you free books," Carruth told News 12.

There's no scam, but they won't all be free. 2.5 million will go in developing electronic textbooks for core classes. Henry says it's worth it for the extra dough she'll shell out next year

"That book thing sounds pretty good--cause books are expensive," she said.

Another reason for the increase is Georgia's high rankings when it comes to college. It's one of only three states with two or more colleges ranked in the top 20. Georgia Tech is number 7 and UGA is number 20.

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