Cold temperatures could create danger around your home

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News 12 at 11 O'clock / Thursday, October 24, 2013

Columbia County, G.a. (WRDW) - Watch it fall and keep falling.

"The temperature's going to be frigid in the morning," said Michael Nicely, who owns his own sprinkler system.

When the temperatures drop, the water on neighborhood streets, can turn dangerous in seconds.

"They won't see ice that early in the mornings because it's dark," he said.

Nicelys had this in ground sprinkler system for three years. He does his normal routine every winter.

"I usually turn them off and let them cycle out before it starts getting too cold," he said.

But it's already getting "too cold" for Nicely.

It's only October 24th and we're already talking 30's. Those are dangerous temps for those of you with these systems.

"Everybody has them, we're slowing down since it's getting colder, the grass has quit growing," said Nicely.

The problem is, EMA Director Pam Tucker says most don't turn theirs off.

"People are going to leave their automatic timers on their systems, and when the water gets on the roadway, it's going to freeze," said Tucker.

Add a car into the equation and you've got trouble.

"It's hazardous for driving, it's going to look like black ice, it's actually going to look wet," she said.

And don't forget about your pets. Nicely has three.

"I'm a firm believer not to leave them outside," he said.

But he knows others sometimes do.

Tucker says, "The next three or four months will be a good time to keep a lookout for your pets."

Including your plants, your sprinklers and everything else for that matter.

Nicely isn't take any chances.

"A little prevention goes a long way," he said.

A few more tips to keep you, your family, and home, include emptying out rain gutters, cleaning out your chimney, insulating your pipes and your hot water heater.