UPDATE: Coke bottles cause explosions in Richmond County

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UPDATE: News 12 at 6 o' clock/ June 2, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga.--Several homemade bombs exploded over the weekend in an Augusta neighborhood. It happened around 11:00PM Saturday in the Wheeler Lake Rd. subdivision.

Neighbors heard several explosions and called 911. The bomb squad found eleven bombs scattered around the area.

A few of the bombs were thrown near Lynn Jones' yard. He says, "All the neighbors were out in the street wondering what was going on."

Deputies responded soon after neighbors heard the first explosions. Jones says, "Four or five of them had exploded. The remaining ones, the officers were shooting them with pellet guns."

Bomb squad techs believe the bombs were made with a mixture of household chemicals and dry ice in plastic bottles. Neighbors say the explosions sounded like double barreled shot guns going off. Pieces of plastic flew everywhere. You can still see some of those pieces littering Wheeler Lake Rd.

A few of the bombs landed in James English's front yard. He says it's the second bombing they've had here in the past month.

"We've had to warn everyone in here that if they see bottles or anything laying in their driveway, if you see them, don't pick them up. Call the police," Jones says.

Homeowners are worried someone is going to get hurt if the troublemakers aren't caught. English says, "It could really be really dangerous if they actually put something in the bottles like nails or something that could spray out on you."

English says, "Scalding, it could cause 3rd degree burns, could blow your fingers off, so yeah, we're concerned about them being in this area."

Investigators say they haven't made any arrests. They're still following up on leads, so if you have any information, give the Richmond County Sheriff's Office a call.

Monday, June 2, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) - Explosions from plastic Coke bottles shook up a neighborhood in Richmond County on Saturday.

News 12 has learned two neighbors heard loud explosions on Wheeler Lake Road. The two say they saw people leave in a dark Sedan after hearing loud booms.

Deputies came to the scene and heard the explosions as well. The deputies found five devices that had not exploded.

Reports say the bomb squad blew up the bottles and no one was hurt.

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