Clues lead investigators to alleged Columbia Co. shooters location

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Daniel Robinson (2013)

News 12 at 11 O'clock / Friday, Aug.15, 2014

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WRDW) -- It happened in a matter of seconds.

"[They] dropped by the church to turn the sprinklers on," said Captain Steve Morris with the Columbia County Sheriffs Office.

A couple, Bill and Jenny Davitte, stopping by their place of worship when they were allegedly attacked by Daniel Robinson.

Bill was shot several times and died on the scene. His wife rushed to the hospital where she survived, But investigators say what Robinson did next, clued them in on where he might've been going.

"Soon after the shooting, we received good information that he was probably heading south to Florida," Morris said.

More than 14 miles away, at a gas station off Peach Orchard Road, is where deputies say Robinson stopped next.

A store clerk at the gas station says a man came in covered in blood, looking for directions to I-95, a road heading straight to Florida.

"Later we discovered he was in fact heading south. We contacted the Florida state patrol we gave them a description tag number and circumstances surrounding this and fortunately they spotted the vehicle on I 95," he said.

A 2010 Gold Nissan Murano pulled off an I-95 exit then U-turned, getting back on 95 at full speed.

"There was a brief pursuit but fortunately he was apprehended," Morris said.

When deputies arrested Robinson, they found traces of blood splattered on his clothing and inside the stolen car. Robinson was booked into the Florida jail but will soon make his way back to where this nightmare all began.

"Everyone's asking the question, who is this guy why is he here? How long has he been here? but we don't know what brought him to the area," Morris said.

A quiet community now grieving, demanding answers to so many questions.

Morris said there's a team on the way to Jacksonville to interview Robinson and collect blood evidence. Florida state patrol troopers arrested Robinson for aggravated fleeing and stolen vehicle charges.

News 12 is told after he faces charges for that, he'll be extradited back to Columbia County to face charges for murder, motor vehicle theft, aggravated battery, and having a weapon during a crime.

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