Large tree falls in Augusta front yard

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Friday, Feb. 21, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Still a lot of damage across the area to clean up from the ice storm, but some of the worst damage we've seen so far is on Vineland Road in Augusta.

There you'll find a 125 foot tree toppled over in Jim Graves' front yard. Graves was sitting inside his house when the tree fell.

"We were sitting in the bedroom putting batteries in a lantern, and we saw it come down so that was scary," he said.

The monster tree came crashing down when the limbs got weighted down with ice.

"If it'd hit the house, it probably would've gone right through it," he said.

The tree also managed to spare power lines, a few cars parked nearby, and the neighbors' house.

"The lady from next door was in this corner bedroom bed ridden in a hospital bed, and it just barely missed both houses," he said.

But, getting the tree out of his yard has been a little tricky. Since the tree fell in the yard and didn't hit a car or a house, homeowner's insurance will only pay a minimal amount for removal.

"Unless it hits the house, it's $500 whether it's a 3 inch pine tree or something massive like this," he said.

Compared to most insurance policies, that amount is generous, but not very helpful when you're talking about several thousand dollars to haul out a monster tree. The whole experience is making Jim second guess other trees in his yard.

"I think everybody's had a wake up call and they're going to be looking at other trees around. I know I am," he said.

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