Only on 12: Civil complaint filed against woman accusing Roundtree campaign of vote-buying

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Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2012

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- The plot is thickening amid an alleged vote-buying scandal in the Richmond County Sheriff's Office race.

Now the woman who made the original allegations could be facing charges of her own.

"It's not about a car because I got a car. It's about that I was mad that I got up early in the morning making people vote, making people get out of bed that don't first want to vote," said Latasha Moore, who has accused Jerry Lee Jordan of buying votes for Lt. Richard Roundtree.

Moore says Jordan promised her a car if she voted for Roundtree in last month's runoff and convinced others to do the same.

Now, a warrant application has been issued for Moore. According to the application, Moore sent harassing text messages after the vote-buying allegations were revealed.

A court date has been set for later this month.

Click here to read the transcripts of those text messages(WARNING: They are graphic.)

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