City leaders address Grovetown traffic

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News 12 This Morning / Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2014

GROVETOWN, Ga. (WRDW) - Horrible. Frustrating. A Nightmare.

These are just some of the ways people have described Grovetown traffic recently.

Elayne Vowell has lived in Grovetown for three years, and she says things weren't always so bad.

"They thought they fixed it by putting a 3-way stop light out at William Few and Chamblin. But that just made it worse," Vowell said.

She said because of the traffic, a normally short drive can become outrageously long.

"If I have to go pick up my grandchildren and take them to school, I have to plan it an hour and a half ahead of time," Vowell said.

But she says traffic isn't just bad in the mornings. It's bad in the afternoons too.

Actually, she says it's worse.

"Coming off of I-20 onto Lewiston, people are pulling over onto the side of the road, waiting to get onto Lewiston Road. Your cars are shaking cause the traffic's going by so fast," Vowell said.

But city leaders say they're aware of the traffic problems, and they plan to do something about it.

The Grovetown Public Works department sent News 12 a statement saying:

"The City is aware of the traffic problems in Grovetown, both in the morning, and afternoon. With the recent passing of TSPLOST in the CSRA area. There is 11 million dollars allocated for transportation purposes inside the City Limits of Grovetown. 8 million will go toward Robinson Avenue, which will be some minimal widening, some turning lanes, and medians. School Street will be straightened out and a red-light will be put in at the intersection of Robinson Avenue, School Street, and Katherine Street

3 million will go toward Wrightsboro Road which will include, widening, intersection improvements, turning lanes. The City along with a private developer will be making some road improvements and installing a red light at the intersection of Wrightsboro Road and Whiskey Rd. in between Goodale park, and Barney's Pharmacy.

The Chamblin Road traffic problems and any traffic problems around the Lewiston and I-20 area are not inside the city limits of Grovetown and will be handled by Columbia County."

We've contacted the Columbia County Engineering department and are still waiting for a response to see if they have a plan to fix the bad traffic areas on their side of the line.

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