UPDATE | Car runs into Panera Bread in Augusta injuring 4

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News 12 First at Five/ August 8, 2013


AUGUSTA, Ga.--The Panera on Robert C. Daniel Jr, Parkway became a drive in restaurant Wednesday against their will. Troopers say an elderly woman crashed her silver cadillac into the side of the building arouTd 12:40 Wednesday, injuring the driver and three people inside.

"The car was trying to park with a female driver. She went a little too far, drove over the sidewalk, and struck the building," Georgia State Troper Ben Rollins said.

Sean Ward works at Genghis Grill nearby and said he heard the car hit the building, but didn't realize what it was.

"We did hear one loud thud, but the restaurant where I work is really loud anyway," he said.

He came outside a little later to see a chaotic scene. He was shocked to hear four people were injured, three of them just minding their own business, eating lunch inside.

"Working so close, I'm always in here, running in and out. I'm running errands for the coworkers, or for myself," Ward said. "Getting coffee, snacks, so i could've very well been in here, sitting right there. Who knows?"

The doors to Panera are closed for now while they're cleaning up and repairing the damage.

We're told all of the injuries from the accident are minor. Everyone is expected to be okay. Troopers said they are not sure if there will be any charges in the case.


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