Car rams through front door of Dollar General

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Saturday, March 1st, 2014

Columbia Co. (WRDW)- "Next thing I know I head screech. Somebody call 911 oh my God someone call 911," said witness Angela Lozano.

A female driver speeds across the parking lot and rams right through the entrance of this dollar general, causing a scene Angela Lozano can't believe.

"Parked right in front of the building, backed up, revved her engine, and then ran into the building," said Lozano.

"At approximately 7 oclock the columbia county sheriffs office received a call that a vehicle had struck the Dollar General on Baston Road. Upon arrival he found the vehicle had made entry in the store," said Sgt. Russell Canterbury.

The car sitting inside the store, damage to merchandise, the door now just glass on the ground, and leaving three people injured.
Lozano and her mother went inside to go check on the people that were hurt, and she says the cashier was hit the worst.

"Because her legs were under the car and kind of pinned a little," said Lozano.

Lazano says she's still in shock of what happend.
Luckily her son was in the car but her maternal insticts still kicked in.

"I wasnt sure what the driver was going to do so I just ran and got him out the car and just ran to the road because I didnt know if she was going to back up," said Lozano.

Witnesses say the driver tried to get away, but no one was going to let that happen.

"The lady that was in the car actually came out and tried to run. People that were outside some pedestrians stopped her from leaving the scene," said Lozano.

Lazano says she doesn't know if it was on purpose, but she didn't see any signs that the driver was slowing down.

"From my angle it looked like she didnt even try to stop," said Lozano.

Officials say that right now they are treating this as an accident.
It is still under investigation by the Columbia County traffic division.