Camera systems help to solve crimes

More camera systems in more homes are making crime fighting easier says local law enforcement.
Wednesday, April 30, 2014

MGN Online


Over the past few weeks, investigators say they have seen a spike in the amount of car break-ins across the CSRA. But thanks to home surveillance systems, those crimes are now easier to solve.

Jason Kulp and his family have had a system in their home for several years now.

“If there's ever a question of somebody breaking in is the main reason I put it in,” Kulp told News 12.

Just a few weeks ago, Aiken Public Safety officers released some video from a home surveillance that showed several people breaking into cars in the River Bluff neighborhood in Aiken. Now, investigators say they’ve received tips on who those people may be because of that footage.

“If I'm on vacation, to be able to remote in and watch it on my phone to see if anything is going on,” Kulp said, “it’s just a huge relief.”

Prices have gone down on home systems as well; what used to be thousands of dollars now doesn’t cost more than $300 or $400.

“The biggest difference is the cost. You can buy them online,” said Kulp,” You can get them about anywhere now.”

And law enforcement says that the ability to look at video after a crime has already occurred is invaluable to their investigative process.

“To show the police what happened and have a better chance of catching whoever was messing with my property or breaking into the house.”