CSRA Economic Opportunity Authority accepting applications for energy assistance

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Friday, Nov. 2, 2012

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- The CSRA Economic Opportunity Authority is now accepting applications for energy assistance for this winter.

Richmond County finished accepting applications for assistance on Friday. Anyone who missed it will need put their name on a waiting list.

Other counties will begin accepting applications from residents next week.

The assistance includes a payment of $310 or $350 toward your energy bill.

This year, the CSRA EOA has $1 million to help 3100 families in our area. That's about 75 percent less funding than previous years.

Patricia Johnson says federal cuts will impact local families.

"It's very challenging because we are used to over the past three or five years receiving $4 million. We received a tremendous cut," she said.

To qualify:
- You must be 65+ or homebound
- Everyone in your household must be 65+ or homebound
- Income must be 160 percent below poverty level, which is around $20,000 a year for one person.

To apply:
- Bring ID
- Proof of income
- Social Security cards of everyone in the household

You can send a representative in your place if you are unable to apply in person. Just send a letter of authorization with a representative.

If you miss applying, you can put yourself on a waiting list. Just call (706) 724-0701.

To find out dates, times and locations to submit your application for energy assistance, click here.

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