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Augusta,Ga----The Clean Augusta Downtown Initiative will not be back anytime soon. Augusta commissioners heard from both sides of the issue tonight.

Those against it made their message loud and clear by City leaders. Commissioners received as information only the pro's and cons of the CADI program.

"We made the right decision. I don't think we need to have an organization that's taxing themselves to provide a service for themselves," said Commissioner Joe Jackson.

"There is no CADI and that means there is no bid district. It terminated after it's five years," said Commissioner Alvin Mason.

Commissioner Mason says when CADI was not renewed in December, it did not exist. He says the CADI board would have to start over by requesting a new business improvement district and getting new signatures.

"It could come back. I can't say now that I would or I wouldn't vote for it," said Commissioner Alvin Mason.

"We have enforcing agencies that's supposed to make sure people are cleaning their property. We need to call on them more to make sure it happens," said Commissioner Marion Williams.

CADI was meant to be more than a clean up crew. Their initial goals included being ambassadors to visitors, providing extra security and helping recruit and retain more downtown businesses.

"The effort should be a solid b. I make that because I'm referring to all of the challenges that it had to tackle. Nobody was saying we're going to help you make this work," said CADI Treasurer Sanford Lloyd.

If the CADI Board decides to dis-ban. They'll have to figure out what to do with all the equipment that was bought to clean up downtown including those segway scooters at 5 thousand dollars a piece.

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