Business thrives in the snow

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Wednesday, Jan. 29th, 2014


Augusta, GA (WRDW)- While some have been spending their snow day at home tow truck workers are pulling out icy cars.

"I'll be coming to get it out of the ditch," said tow truck driver Sean Kramer.

Soon after the snow started coming down, calls started coming in.

Vern's wrecking and recovery service spent the day rescuing stranded drivers and their cars.

"It is business of course. We're not hoping that you slide off and end up in a ditch somewhere, but it is business and we're here to help you," said Vincent McClain owner of Vern's wrecking and recovery service.

Wrecking crews say if you drive too fast, then slam on your breaks, you'll likely end up calling them from a ditch.

"From my experience, once you put on those brakes you have no control of that vehicle. If you're going into a curve slow down prior to getting to that curve and then let off your breaks," said McClain.

Sometimes, it doesn't even take an accident to need a tow truck to help you out.

"The cold weather has a real good effect on batteries. They're harder to crank over because they're cold plus it weakens the battery so older batteries are giving out," said Kramer.

When your batteries are drained, theirs are just getting charged.

"Everyone I meet is usually having a bad day but i try to leave them with a smile on their face," said Kramer.