Bus route to Fort Gordon one step closer to reality

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Augusta could be one step closer to a bus route to Fort Gordon. Commissioners met today and talked about what needs to happen.

"I don't think the area is as extensive as it should be and they should run longer than they do. they stop running way to early," said Bus Rider Stephanie Stephens.

Stephanie Stephens is a bus rider who wants Augusta Public Transit to operate later. We're told most buses are pulled off the streets around 8pm.

"A lot of people work night jobs, they don't get off until later. I think the buses stop running at 7:30. It doesn't take into an account those people who work later," she said.

"As I mentioned before, it's absolutely critical especially with the Cyber Command. It's really important because of the growth we are going to have," said Commissioner Alvin Mason.

Commissioner Alvin Mason has been in the driver seat for almost a year trying to get the city buses to expand to the post. Thousands of jobs headed to the area because of Cyber Command is making him push harder.

"I spoke with officials at Fort Gordon yesterday. They are awaiting the city's response in moving forward with this," said Mason.

City officials tell us now they're working on staging area's for pick-ups and drop offs. Those improvements they hope could get the city headed in that direction.

"This isn't something that we should do. This is something that we must do. If we are going to look at becoming a viable city transportation is at the forefront," said Mason.

The question is where will the city get the $320,000 to pay for the route?

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