Bus enhancements come with $2 million price tag

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News12 First at Five/ Nov. 1st 2013

Augusta,Ga (WRDW)--Augusta's bus service could be adding routes and hours. The only problem for some is the $2 million price tag that comes with it.

Bus Riders are excited while commissioners are worried about where the money will come from. Most buses run every 80 minutes in Augusta which means riders could be there for awhile.

"I'm sitting there sometime for an hour before the next bus comes. You could be doing something else in that whole hour," said Bus Rider Debra Samuels.

Samuels takes the bus downtown weekly. She says something needs to be done. "There is no bus service where I'm getting ready to move on Saturday. I don't understand why," she said.

The proposal is supposed to enhance bus service around the city. Things like shorter wait times, new routes to South Augusta, Fort Gordon and Saturday service on Highway 56 could be in the works.
Buses could start running earlier as well.

Commissioners Bill Fennoy and Bill Lockett have championed for better bus service and are now considering the $2 million dollar price tag.

"We are already have an eight million dollar deficit. If you add two million that will put us at eight million dollars," said Commissioner Bill Fennoy.

"We are getting a considerable amount of money through grants from the federal government. We should have enough money to enhance our routes," said Commissioner Bill Lockett.

They've talked about it all year, now it's a numbers game.

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