Bus driver arrested on felony warrant dating back ten years

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News 12 First at Five/ June 30, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga.--A Richmond county school bus driver is out of jail on bond after deputies locked her up for a felony charge. Machelle Glover was arrested Tuesday in Greene County for an outstanding warrant dating back to 2004. The charge isn't violent. She's accused of writing bad checks. But, her arrest has parents wondering, if an accused felon can slip through the cracks for almost 10 years, who else could be behind the wheel?

Amanda Smith has already had a disagreement with the Richmond County Board of Education after her son was injured two months ago in a school bus accident. The school never called to tell her about it. She says, "I never got a follow up with the school, saying is he ok, nothing like that."

Her son is still visiting the chiropractor for treatment. The whole incident makes her question Richmond County's protocols and those behind the wheel of their school buses.

"Richmond county is just very poor at handling business and following protocol. Its just a sorry system," Smith says.

A news 12 investigation has revealed a bus driver worked for the school system for 10 years while she was wanted by the law, making Smith question if other bus drivers facing more serious offenses are around school kids.

"There should be a procedure where there's constantly a check up monitoring the bus drivers," Smith said.

We got our hands on Glover's personnel file that documents Glover's twelve year history as a bus driver for Richmond County. In it, we found a traffic citation and two letters of reprimand. One reprimand was issued when Glover violated safety codes by allowing her bus to get in, 'deplorable condition.' The other reprimand was for violating the midday parking procedure and the clock-in clock-out procedure. Her latest arrest is a felony charge for writing a bad check.

"I just hope Richmond County schools get it together, because they do not have it together," Smith says.

The Board of Education's Deputy Superintendent says they're looking into the incident. They didn't know about the outstanding felony charge until we told them.

Richmond County runs criminal background checks before they hire, but there's nothing in place to check an employee's criminal history after they've been hired.