Boys awarded for helping save their brother's life

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News 12 This Morning/Monday March 3, 2014

(WRDW)--"My dad was home watching the children and he calls me and he tells me there was an accident.All I got was that JoHailin hung himself," said Taisha Rosario.

The accidental hanging of 10-year-old JoHailin Rosario while his sister and legal guardian, Taisha, was across town.

"I panicked," she said. "Apparently, JoHailin was playing with a ninja belt."

He and his brothers were out back playing around this tree when somehow the belt got entangled around Johailin's neck leaving him hanging from one of the branches.

First responders tell me what his brother did next was vital.

"They found their brother hanging with a belt. What they said is one of them picked the brother up, the other one took it from around his neck and that's when he collapsed to the ground," said firefighter Shanon Boothe with Windsor Fire Rescue.

After minutes without air and days in the hospital, JoHailin's recovered without brain damage and is now back at school.

"When he woke up and he looked at me and just grabbed my face. I just thank God," said Taisha. " When he opened his eyes I felt so much better."

Now, his brothers, Malachai and Jaivous, are being praised at their school, Oakwood Windsor Elementary, by the firefighters first on scene.

"If they wouldn't have taken the action with the bravery of doing what they did, I really feel we wouldn't even be here talking about this today," said Boothe.

"I'm just so glad the children were able to be recognized because without his two younger brothers, those few moments when he was wrapped up in the could've been life or death," said Taisha.

She says doctors tell her Johailin seems to be in the clear and shouldn't have to worry about any long-term negative effects.

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