Boshears airshow postponed because of shutdown

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News 12 at 11 O'clock / Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Boshears Skyfest postponed until Spring 2014 due to government shutdown.

Augusta, G.a. (WRDW) - It's the sound folks won't be hearing.The sound of roaring engines, screaming fans.

"To have to make this decision, it was just heart breaking," said Becky Shealy of Augusta Aviation.

In its place, silence, in the skies and on the ground at Daniel Field.

"We made the decision that the community deserves what was advertised, which was a full air show," said Shealy.

And it was going on as planned until 17days ago when the government shut its doors.

All she and the Boshears executive committee needed was one piece of paper to give them permission to fly those stunt planes.

"When the government decided that OK we're going to shutdown, we knew our waiver was sitting there," she said.

That piece of paper sat on the desk of government employees who weren't working.

That waiver was the key for planes to take flight this weekend.

But with the doors closed at the FAA. the whole event had to be grounded.

The committee and Shealy had to make a tough decision.

"It was a logistical nightmare to try and get everyone in line and let them know at such a short notice, this isn't going to happen," Shealy told News 12's Patrick Price.

Performers, food vendors and event rentals were all disappointed.

And they're all affected by this one airshow.

"It's truly a ripple effect, everybody, I mean everybody is feeling the effects of this government shutdown," she said.

At the end of the day Shealy will be left with an empty sky above Daniel Field.

No ohs and ahs, just silence.

"To think that this government shutdown would affect something as enjoyable as an airshow, it's really heartbreaking," she said.