Board of education asking for input on sales tax plan

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WRDW)--Aiken County school leaders are releasing details about what would happen if penny sales tax were to become available to be voted on in November. Jennifer Lariscey has four kids in Aiken County schools and says that the buildings and facilities need a facelift

If they have the updated lighting and the updated resources they need inside the classroom,” said Lariscey,” then I think kids will pay attention more and do better.”

At the Board of Education meeting at 7 o’clock Tuesday night, a plane is expected to be revealed that will outline in detail what would happen if a penny sales tax were to pass. Deputy schools superintendent David Caver says that he plan specifies certain dollar amounts as well as to which schools those dollars would go.

However, state law currently prevents Aiken County from even voting on a penny sales tax. State lawmakers are currently trying to get that law changed.

If that legislation is passed, then in November,” said School Board Vice Chair Ray Fleming, ”the board can offer on the ballot the opportunity for voters in Aiken County to approve a penny sales tax."

But until that happens, the option for voters to decide on the penny sales tax is not even on the table.