Bike track out, soccer field stays, North Augusta Water Plant grows

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News 12 at 11 o'clock / Monday, Aug. 18, 2014

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WRDW) -- If you go to Riverview Park you've probably noticed a mountain of dirt over a few of the soccer fields.

All of it comes from a bicycle dirt track the City of North Augusta is closing to expand its water plant. News 12 is On Your Side with a closer look.

It's a move leaders say has to happen.

"The City of North Augusta always had a long range plan to expand their water treatment facilities," Rick Myers told News 12.

Myers runs the city's parks and recreation department. He says losing part of Riverview Park will help the city do one important thing.

"Stay ahead of the game to prevent future water shortages," Myers told News 12.

The water plant will expand to the land behind its current location to where a bike dirt track used to be.

"The amount of usage at the pump track just kept going down. In the last year, hardly anybody used it," he said.

It was a different story back in 2010 when families were getting their first look at it. Myers said the track never bounced back after its grand opening and another sport beat it out.

"When we knew that we were going to lose the field to the expansion of the water treatment facility it was a bit of a scramble to see where we would be able to train," said SC Bulls Coach Matt Kolinoski.

He says it's a relief for him and his team to know the soccer field is staying. Kolinoski credits the sports fast paced growth with saving their field.

"We've had a spike in numbers of about 70 plus players and that's just up from one season," he said.

While soccer is growing Myers says it's not all bad news for bicycles. The city plans to build trails off the Greenway for mountain bikers, but first they'll address another issue.

"This hole right here is probably doing more damage to the bicycle community then it would the walker of the jogger because the bicyclist are more likely go the entire length of the Greenway," said Myers of the sink hole in the middle of the path next to the Riverview Activity Center.

$90,000 was just spent on tree work in addition to the already $100,000 of re-paving parts of the Greenway.

The work to expand the water plant will take at least a year and more bike trails could be added to the Greenway as early as next fall.

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