Big events bring big money to City of Augusta

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News 12 11pm/ Monday September 17, 2013

Augusta, Ga (WRDW)----The City of Augusta just finished hosting more than 70,000 people for the Arts in the Hearts Festival--and--they aren't stooping there.

"Next weekend we have the Intermedix Iron Man Augusta 70.3," said Augusta Mayor Deke Copenhaver

The competition tests athletes endurance through water, biking, and running but while the athletes are working out The City of Augusta will be getting stronger.

"3,500 athletes probably close to 10,000 people downtown another big money maker for the city annually economic impact of 4.1 or a little over 4 million dollars," the Mayor told News12.

And while those numbers are high--they will be getting higher especially if you add the close to one million dollars Arts in the Heart brought in this weekend.

"The following weekend the Westobou festival and the Color Run. The Color Run will have 5,000 participants, so that's a great back to back to back line-up for the City of Augusta," said Copenhaver.

Collectively the events could potentially bring 10,000,000 dollars to the city. Money the mayor says helps everyone way beyond the downtown area.

"It goes to the city's bottom line. It goes to our sales tax revenue, it goes to things like out special purpose local option sales tax-- the penny sales tax-- so it really helps the city," he said.

The downside? Traffic. On foot and by car. All these roads will be closed-- so plan ahead.

Bike Course Affected Roads:
East Boundary
Sand Bar Ferry
Old Jackson Highway
Atomic Road (SC-125)
Old Whiskey Road
Cherryvale Avenue
Woodland Drive
Gray Mare Hollow
Silver Bluff Road
Boyd Pond Road
Horse Creek Road
Herndon Dairy Road
Pine Log Road
Atomic Road (SC-125)
Sand Bar Ferry

Run Course Affected Roads:
Broad Street
Broad Street
East Boundary
Greene Street
13th Street
12th Street
Jones Street
10th Street
8th Street
Reynolds Street
Bay Street

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