Baseball team left stranded by bus driver

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Sunday, Jan. 9th, 2014

(University of Tampa)

AIKEN, SC (WRDW) -- Around 9 Sunday morning, Mount Olive bus driver Daniel Barrow came to the rescue, but not for his own team.

Tampa University's baseball team was stranded with no bus driver, and just hours before they're supposed to take the mound.

"We looked for them we found them on the side of the road and I pulled behind the other bus and helped load them up and got them to the stadium," Barrow said.

Passengers believed Tampa University's bus driver was intoxicated this morning. They say the coach convinced the driver to pull over,
called him a cab taking him back to a local hotel.

"I noticed that there was a police officer talking to the coaches there as we pulled up," Barrow said.

Players, coaches, and other passengers may have been at risk.
As a parent of a former USC Aiken baseball player, Rich Carmon says this situation is concerning.

"You kind of have to entrust them to the care of the university and the athletic department and the team and coaches," said Carmon.

"You just have to pray that somebody is looking out for them in their best interest," Carmon said.

Carmon believes the Tampa coaches handled it well, and is just glad no one was hurt, but he hopes these charter companies step it up.

"Made better choices as to the employees that they hire to entrust with these charter bus trips," said Carmon.

Barrow says he was happy to help and knows if the situation was reversed Tampa would lend a helping hand too.

"You compete against one another but at the same time you're one big family. You're doing the same sport that you love," Barrow said.

Police say since the bus driver checked out of his hotel and is unreachable. Both law enforcement and Tampa coaches can't get in touch with him.

Police also say since they called him a cab before law enforcement all criminal charges have gone out the window.

Nothing could keep Tampa from another win and they still managed to beat Shepard University.

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