Barrington neighbors finally getting answers to their sinkhole problems

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News 12 at 11 o'clock / Tuesday, July 16, 2013

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WRDW) -- Six weeks and counting. That's how long this sinkhole has been plaguing the Barrington Subdivision.

But on Tuesday night, frustrated neighbors finally got some answers.

"They want to know when they can get their normal life back," said Matt Schlachter, head of Columbia County Roads and Bridges.

But with rain falling for 45 days straight, it's put a damper on a project that he's ready to get patched up.

"We do get two or three days of no rain, things start to dry out, by the time they get dried out and start working again, here comes the rain again," Schlachter said.

In the month of June alone, 16.6 inches of rain fell on Lake stone Court.

It halted repairs, even causing more damage, to an already massive hole in the ground.

"For every 10th of an inch that falls, you can get about two million gallons of water that come to that pond, so the slightest rain floods that work site," he said.

People living in the subdivision wouldn't speak to News 12 on camera. They did, however, say it's an adjustment that's hard to get used to -- something they hope no other neighborhoods have to experience.

"When developers come in and look at building new neighborhoods, that's one of the main things we look at, is there a way to have multiple access points," he said.

In Columbia County alone, six neighborhoods have those one way in and one way out roads.

But Schlachter says it's not the road that's to blame, it's the creek that's caused the major headache.

"Any time it rains, the water volumes increase dramatically, about 890 acres of land drain to this one pond," he explained.

A lot of rain that could possibly affect other neighborhoods and other roads. He's just trying to get this neighborhood back to normal as quickly as possible.

"We told them in hopefully 10 weeks we'll have this whole project done, in five weeks, we'll have them access back to their house by vehicle," he said.

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