Ballot mix-up in North Augusta could affect thousands of voters

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Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. -- North Augusta precincts have had a mix-up with ballots.

People inside the city limits should have had received ballot 39, which includes the referendum on Sunday alcohol sales. We are told workers gave out the wrong ballots.

This affects precincts 67, 27 and possibly 25, which potentially affects several thousand voters.

Rep. Roland Smith told News 12's Liz Owens over the phone that it is "inexcusable for something like that to happen."

Cynthia Holland with the Board of Elections says she has no idea how many voters received the wrong ballot and that they are unsure if a special election will have to take place.

Rep. Smith says a decision for another election would most likely come from North Augusta.

News 12 will keep you updated as more information comes into the newsroom.

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