Avery Pointe Apartments still in the dark

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News 12 at 6 o'clock/ Monday July 29, 2013

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- First there was no water out at Avery Pointe Apartments, then all of the street lights went dark. And on Saturday, a man was shot and killed there. Neighbors are nervous, and so News 12 went back looking for some answers.

A makeshift memorial sits in the Avery Pointe Apartment complex, a reminder of a murder that occurred in that very spot on Saturday night.

Kesha Young lives at Avery Pointe. The events have made her very worried for her and her children's safety.

"What if there is another one? You know what I'm saying? Like what if it's closer to my house?" Young said.

She was at work when the shooting happened, but the news didn't come as a shock to her.

All of the street lights at the apartment complex have been off for more than a month. She predicted something like this may happen when we spoke with her about the problem two and a half weeks ago.

When we asked the manager on July 9 when they planned to have the problem fixed, he said maybe a week.

Three weeks and one murder later, there are still no lights.

So News 12 stopped back by to try to talk to them about how this has turned into more of a safety issue. News 12 asked what management is telling people when they come to them about their concerns.

"There's nothing I can tell them because I don't know anything. It's hard to tell somebody something when you don't now yourself."

The manager tells us the light problem is out of his hands because he doesn't pay the bills, and the new owners of the complex are leaving him in the dark about the problem.

News 12 wanted to know if the owners have told them anything at all about the situation.

His response: "Absolutely nothing."

This is making neighbors feel desperate.

"They don't care. Especially like, what has it been like two days since the murder? If they haven't turned the lights on, they don't care," Young said.

The manager would not give us a name or contact information for the new owners of the property, so News 12 called Richmond County Code Enforcement. They went out to the complex Monday and told the manager the lights have to be turned back on ASAP.

Code enforcement also tells News 12 they are going to try to set up a meeting with the new owners -- whoever they are -- to hash out a plan for the complex going forward.

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