ACSO: suspects search for drugs then shoots victim in face

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Tuesday, Dec. 24, 2013

AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. -- An all day search for three burglars continues, after a shooting sent one person to the hospital.

It started Christmas Eve morning when deputies say three men with guns invaded a home on Mockingbird Lane, just outside Aiken City limits.

Flashbang grenades were not what Aiken County Neighbors were expecting to hear on Christmas Eve morning. "We actually woke up to some screaming help. It's what woke us up this morning. it was a man screaming for help," said Neighbor Lacey Thomas.

Thomas lives on the same street where Aiken County Deputies say it all started. Investigators say around 9 Tuesday morning, three men with guns invaded a home on mocking bird lane demanding money and drugs.

"One person inside the residence was shot and has been trasported to the hospital for medical treatment," said ACSO PIO Captain Eric Abdullah.

Witnesses say the men left the house on foot. Authorities with rifles drawn wearing bullet proof vests move slowly toward a house on nearby Robinhood trail. A witness told deputies they saw a suspect go inside the house.

"We're trying to make contact with the person who may or may not be inside that home," said Captain Abdullah.

SWAT, SLED ACSO and APS threw a few flashbangs into the home. After a two hour standoff, they realized the house was empty.
As deputies continue to search neighbors in the area say this is a Christmas Eve they'll never forget.

"This is not Christmas," said Thomas.

If you know anything about this please call the Aiken County Sheriff's Office.

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