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News 12 at 6 o'clock/ Wednesday Sept. 3, 2014


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Survey results are in for how the city of Augusta is measuring up.

Questions about how money should be spent, should taxes be raised and what could be done better were included.

The city had 659 responses to their survey out of a population of around 200,000. It means that less than one percent bothered to take the survey.

"I'm most disappointed in is not the results of the survey, but how many people took the survey," said Commissioner Bill Fennoy.

For about four weeks, Augusta taxpayers weighed in on how things are done in Augusta-Richmond County. More than 50 percent of the responses are from men with 40 percent coming from women.

Whites were the largest ethnic group with more than 60 percent to answer the survey. African-Americans made up 24 percent.

"I think it's a signal to show the direction of where the citizens wants the city of Augusta to go in," said Augusta Commissioner Bill Fennoy.

"In order for us to be effective and to move forward, we have to know what the public is thinking," said Commissioner Bill Fennoy.

People who responded said the Sheriff's Office should get more money followed by the fire department. Folks in Augusta believe less funding should go to local non-profits.

Survey results reveal people want roads and bridges and the highest priority for SPLOST dollars.

More than 60 percent believe the mayor should have more power and control of the local government. Now, the mayor only calls meetings and breaks a tie vote.

"It's only a small percentage of the survey and it's been talked about the mayor getting power and veto power. We are not the only government like this," said Commissioner Marion Williams.

"I think they are pretty much accurate on that and I don't think anybody can argue with that," said Commissioner Corey Johnson.

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