Augusta's HR Director is not asking for a raise in salary

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News12 First at Five/ 3-26-14

Augusta, Ga. (WRDW) -- Augusta's Human Resource Director is speaking out about a pay raise controversy. News 12 learned commissioners were talking about the salaries of at least two department directors in a closed door meeting.

Tanika Bryant sat down exclusively with News 12's Ryan Houston to set the record straight. Commissioner Grady Smith has a strong opinion about pay increases for city department directors.

"Let the door knob hit you where the good Lord split them," Smith said.

"I was asked to do the job and I did the job," said HR Director Tanika Bryant.

Human Resources Director Tanika Bryant is new on the job and says she's basically rebuilding and branding the city's HR Department. She said all this talk about department directors salaries came from her former boss Fred Russell.

"In October, I was requested by Mr. Russell the administrator to look at the Procurement Director salary and to see if it was equitable internally with the other directors," said Bryant.

Bryant said the findings showed Gerri Sams the head of procurement was the lowest paid among dozens of other city department directors. Bryant was the next to the lowest paid.

"I even mentioned that it was a little awkward that I would report on my own. I was asked that question and I gave that information," Bryant said.

Bryant said she was not asking for more money especially since other city employee's were turned down for an increase.

"I am hoping that we will look at that very soon. I do think a market analysis would be good for all of our employees," she said.

The city's HR Director plans to get commission approval for a city wide salary analysis for all employees.

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