UPDATE: Owner of US Army Combat Medic ring found 3 years later

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Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- A local woman has been searching for the owner of a combat medic ring for three years, and with your help, has finally found him.

Anthony Pieri is a National Guard member who lives in Buffalo, N.Y.

Back in 2007, he spent some time at Fort Gordon and left his ring at a barber shop off post. He searched for it for a while and says he never thought he would see his ring again.

Betty Wheeler found that ring three years ago and is now planning on mailing it back to him.

News 12 was able to track down Pieri thanks to information sent in from viewers.

Initial report:

News 12 This Morning / Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2012

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- A U.S. Army combat medic ring from Fort Knox has been missing for years. An Augusta woman wants to return it to its rightful owner, but she hasn't had very much luck and is asking for your help.

Three years ago Betty Wheeler found the ring in Augusta. It has a lot of descriptive markings on it, so she thought it would be easy to find the owner, but all these years later, she's still looking.

"The first time I found it, I tried to find the person, couldn't find them, so I had someone to help me so I put it in a drawer," she said.

She then forgot about it until she found it again last week -- over three years later.

"I went to clean the drawer out, and I found the ring again and I said, well let me try one more time," Wheeler said.

So she started searching, but once again, couldn't find anything.

"I couldn't find them so I got the help of another friend, he couldn't find them. [I] took pictures, sent the pictures to him, he had no luck," she said.

The ring has a lot of details that Wheeler says she hopes will help find the owner. The top says U.S. Army Combat Medic, one side says Fort Knox and the other Pieri. On the inside are the initials A-J-P and the number 6457.

"I didn't think it'd be so hard, and I figured the initials and the 6457 battalion because that's a battalion, so I figured if that's the battalion he's in, maybe he can be found," she said.

Finding him is something she feels she has to do.

"These are sentimental things, and I think that whoever finds something that's sentimental to someone would have a heart and try to find that person and give it back to them," she said.

For Wheeler, it's the least she can do for someone who fought for our country.

"I know he's been off to Afghanistan or everywhere around the world and just fighting, and I know he's probably looked for this ring more than once and had no luck. He's probably given up, but I haven't," she said.

She can't remember exactly where in Augusta she found it but knows it was in Augusta. We have made a call to Fort Knox but have been unable to find anymore information so far.

If you have any information on who this could belong to or a way to find out, please email hope.jensen@wrdw.com.

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