Augusta woman faces snake problem in her yard

Friday, June 6, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga (WRDW) -- Warmer weather means more time outside for most people, but that also means more critters out too. One thing some are concerned about this year is snakes.

When the sun's out and the weather's nice Jamie McGahee wants to let her kids outside to play. But right now, she's afraid to. She said, "The snakes, they crawl in under my fence, they hunt mice and fish and lizards and whatever else lives back here."

Jamie has a one-year-old and a four-year-old. She saw five year old Kesslar Seamon's story here on News 12 and the battle he's fighting after a copperhead bite. Now she's scared her kids could be at risk. Jamie said, "They like to play outside and I have to worry about snakes coming in from behind my fence."

It's not her yard she's concerned about , it's the county lot that's so overgrown it's coming over her fence.

She tries her best to keep her lawn trimmed and cleaned up, but the creek behind her house is so overgrown the snakes nest over there, and then come into her yard. She said, "I don't want the snakes to get in my house. I don't want the mice and rats to get in my house. The snakes follow the mice and rats to eat them and there's just no telling what's in this mess back here."

Right now Jamie is scared that there's not much she can do to really help the situation. She said, "Even if I wanted to weed it, it's so dense and thick i wouldn't even make a dent in it."

Even though most of the snakes that have gotten in her yard aren't poisonous it's the fact that they can hurt her kids that she worries about. She said, "It's harder to explain to a one-year-old, hey don't touch that. What if one of them tries to play with it or something?"

David Scott, a research expert at the University of Georgia Ecology Lab at the SRS says the best way to keep snakes out your yard is to keep it clean. Snakes are usually looking for a place to hide and a place to hunt. Clutter on a yard might provide them that spot. He also recommends keeping your grass mowed and bushes trimmed so as not to give the snakes a place to hide. He also wanted to remind people they are usually out at night, not during the day time, so be aware.

In the area there are about thirty to thirty five different kinds of snake, but only four of them are poisonous. If you do come across a poisonous snake, make sure to back away slowly so as not to startle it.

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