Augusta will elect a new state senator on election night

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News 12 at 6 o'clock/ Monday Monday, July 21, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Two men are running for Hardie Davis' old job in Atlanta. Harold Jones and Corey Johnson are going head-to-head for the Georgia Senate District 22 seat.

Last minute signs are going up while others head to the street and it's all for votes. "What we are doing is still touching voters and that's the key thing. We are still knocking on doors and still holding signs. We are getting our message out," said Senate Candidate Harold Jones.

"We stayed on the phones and in contact. We tried to garner support that we didn't have and I feel like we were pretty successful there," said

They have a lot in common both are business owners and have held elected offices. Only one can become State Senator for District 22.

"It's only one choice. The man who has been working with legislation for the last seven years on a local level. I'm vying to go to the state level and do it," said Johnson.

"It's time for real change in Augusta. We started the process and let's bring a new Augusta here July 22nd," said Jones.

Both candidates say they are prioritizing expanding medicaid, bettering the school system and reducing Georgia's 7.4 percent unemployment rate.

"It's going to take investing in transportation and infrastructure. Teachers are tired of being furloughed, students want a good quality education and parents to want to make sure of it," said Johnson.

"We got to get people working and get good jobs and wages here in Augusta. Education is number two and health care is number three," said Jones.

Voters will be the deciding factor in this race.

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