Augusta parents accused of living with child in broken-down home

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Thursday, Oct. 4, 2012

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- A pair of Richmond County parents are in trouble after living with their 12-year-old child in a home that was falling apart.

Patricia Smith and William Smith are facing delinquency of a minor and marijuana possession charges.

Deputies were called to the home for a possible burglary on Tuesday. Patricia said a man came into her home and started to have a conversation with her. He left before the officer got there.

When talking to Patricia, the reporting officer says he noticed multiple ants crawling near the front door and saw spider webs and trash inside the home.

When the officer came inside the kitchen, he says the ceiling was collapsed and there were three refrigerators filled with rotting food. He also noted the ceiling was collapsed in the bathroom and the bathtub was filled with trash.

Patricia told the officer they have not had power in the home along Byrd Road since November of last year. She also said the bathtub had not been working for five months.

Patricia told the reporting officer her husband frequently visits the home and was aware of its condition.

The officer also found a green leafy substance, later identified as marijuana, lying in plain sight on a living room table.

When Code Enforcement officers arrived, they condemned the home.

The Division of Family and Children Services was called to the home and took the 12-year-old into custody.

Patricia Smith (WRDW-TV)
Patricia Smith (WRDW-TV)
William Smith (WRDW-TV)
William Smith (WRDW-TV)

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