Augusta leaders consider making all bars and nightclubs smoke free

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News12 at First at Five/ Oct. 28, 2013


Augusta,Ga ((WRDW))--It's a trend that's catching smoke nationwide. Now Augusta Commissioners are considering an ordinance that would ban smoking in nightclubs and bars.

This is the second time the Breathe Easy Coalition has brought the ordinance to city leaders. Those against it say private business owners should make their own choices.

"You can make the choice and be around good people who don't smoke. You can also choose to be around people who do," said Smoker Darrell Alexander.

It's basically all about choices. "I defended this nation for freedoms and to take those freedoms away is counterproductive," said Commissioner Alvin Mason.

"Commissioner Mason is against it and says business owners should choose. Sky City chose to make their business smoke free. He also says people also choose to work at smoking establishments,"

"America is about choice. People have the decision to be around or not be around it. I don't think we should take away people's freedom," said Commissioner Alvin Mason.

"Folks do have a choice. Sometimes when it's a choice between feeding your family and protecting your health, most people would choose feeding their family," said Breathe Easy Coaltion Member Kirk Miller.

The new city wide code would ban smoking from nightclubs, bars and patios in Augusta. E-cigarettes are also banned. .

"Why not allow business owners to make their own decision? It was one of those things they tried to do and it didn't got well," said Commissioner Corey Johnson.

The plans are getting mixed reviews online. Some Facebookers are for it citing health reasons, while others point out to freedoms that could be taken away.

Commissioners will make a final decision next week.

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