Augusta family claims child was injured at daycare and no action was taken

News 12 First at Five / Monday, Aug. 25, 2014


AUGUSTA, Ga (WRDW) -- Kennedy Ramsey is only 14-months-old, and her aunt, Deija Wadley says she's never been any trouble.

"All she might do is hug you, she might walk up to you and try to hug you or kiss you," Wadley said.

So something seemed off after Kennedy came home from World of Discovery day care last week.

"Wednesday she kept rubbing her head. So, my sister took it down to see what was wrong and there was a big patch missing," Kennedy's aunt said.

The next day the family went to the front office to report it.

"They tried to say it might have happened on the playground, but no way, that's been torn from the root by an adult," Wadley said.

But the problems haven't gone away.

"She got upset that we kept coming and reporting incidents, they didn't do anything about it basically," Wadley said.

State law requires day cares to report any injuries to family services. Anything from allegations of child abuse to incidents involving children hurting each other, even allergic reactions are supposed to be reported to the state.

News 12 reached out to the daycare owner. She said the claim is "unsubstantiated" and they've been in business for thirty years without any problems.

Kennedy is going to a new daycare now, but Wadley says she still wants action taken. "They need to be put out of business because that's crazy, a patch of her hair is gone!"

As of Friday, family services is investigating the complaint. There was another investigation in June of this year for putting photos of children on social media, but that situation was resolved and no charges were filed. DFACS says, in the past, World of Discovery has been compliant with state day care standards.

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