Augusta Warrior Project helping local vets get back on their feet

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News 12 at 11 o'clock / Saturday, April 27, 2013

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Two years ago, Ervin Miller was homeless with no where to go.

"It seems so hard to explain because I never expected, I never fathomed the idea of being in that position," Miller said.

He's a Navy vet and now a civilian, but when he moved here, things weren't so bright.

"I came to Augusta really on a job adventure, at first and it really fell apart, and then that tumbling and tumbling," he said.

And that tumbling led him with no where to stay.

"You don't want to ask for help, you'd rather go through your struggles," Miller said.

But one day while waiting at the VA Hospital, he got a second chance.

"That was my turning point in my life right there," Miller said.

He met with a representative from the Augusta Warrior Project.

"They connected me with the right people, the right organizations, that extended their helping hand out," he told News 12.

And almost immediately, things started turning around -- things he never imagined would happen.

"They started housing for me and got me into college," he said.

There were also veterans' benefits and even helping Miller find a job.

"You know, what else could I ask for, and it was like a step-by-step thing, taking me through their program, reevaluating and strengthening me," he said.

It was all there for someone who was in dire need.

"In a time of struggle, they were there for me," he said.

And for Miller, he wants to say thank you for giving him that second chance.

"I came up with this slogan, thank you for helping me help myself," he said.

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