Augusta Tee Center now has competition in Columbia County

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Columbia County unveiled it's new exhibition center today, but only on News 12, we're learning about a major development for Augusta's Tee Center. Leaders in Richmond County say they've sewn up a conference that could bring thousands to Downtown Augusta.


The news comes the same day Columbia County cut the ribbon on a $7.5 million Exhibition Center.
"When it came to parking and and flat ground. This is what we needed," said Augusta Harley Davidson Marketing Manager Shannon Powell.

Powell says Augusta's Tee Center was almost home of the 2014 Southeastern Power Sports Expo. Parking the bikes became a problem so they moved to Columbia County instead.

"We're real excited," said Powell.

So is the manager for the Raytheon Company. "This is an event that focuses on our technology and defense technology. It supports our networks and radios for the Fort," said Raytheon Company Manager Robert Damen.

The Technet Conference is coming to the Augusta Tee Center next month. The Marriott Hotel is already fully booked. They're expecting thousands of military personnel to come to the area who will shop and eat. Mayor Deke Copenhaver says it continues to be good news for the Tee Center which is booking events left and right.

"When you look at it the only place these conferences had to go was Savannah. We have the newest state of the art facility. We're bringing major conferences regularly," said Mayor Copenhaver.

The world of Conference Centers just got a little smaller.

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