Augusta neighborhood drying off after major flooding

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Sunday, March 9th, 2014


Augusta, GA (WRDW)- "One vehicle had water all the way up to the hood of the car. The dumpsters were flooded the mailboxes were flooded. It cause a real problem for the neighborhood," said Chris Willcox.

Those who live in Whitney Place were having to slush through this.
Inches of standing water flooding their neighborhood. Neighbors say they started to notice water rising after the ice storm, but it was the heavy rain this week that opened the flood gates.

Water flows from this storm drain to this retention pond
and when water levels in the pond go up so do water levels in these drains which caused the flooding.

Whoever owns the retention pond is responsible for cleaning and up keep, but Chris Willcox decided fix the problem himself.

"We really don't know who to contact about this issue so I just happen to have the means, the pumps to pump the water out to get it out of the streets," said Willcox.

Willcox says they've been working around the clock.

"We started Thursday morning pumping water and we've been running the pumps 24 hours a day," said Willcox.

Today, the streets waterless just a few wet spots on the road, a couple of puddles, and a little water in the storm drain.

"We drove through about 8:30 last night this whole area you can see the shadow of where the water was it was quite deep and backed up," said Jack Cates.

Jack Cates is out today helping a friend look at properties, and has him wondering how often this could happen.

"It's something probably needs to be taken care of and you know somewhat of a concern with my friends buying property out here," said Cates.

Willcox says he hopes someone will come and fix the pond-- before it happens again.

I saw signs posted around the neighborhood that public works is working on the retention pond issues, and once water is out a crew will clear the brush causing it to back up.