Augusta Mayoral race sees shake up before election

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News 12 11pm / Thursday, March 6, 2014

Augusta skyline

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- The race for Augusta's next mayor just got a little less crowded.

Former Commissioner Matt Aitken took his name out of the race after building a campaign team.

"Me, being a former commissioner, I represented all people," said Matt Aitken

But for now-- Aitken won't be presenting anyone. He's dropping out of Augusta's mayoral race saying the decision has a lot to do with the people in office now.

"There is not that cooperative spirit I would like to see. I want to be enthusiastic with what I am involved with and when you have to go out and grind it out every time you go to a commission meeting that's not really exciting to me," he said.

Aitken says despite his loss in a commission run-off last election... He still had a chance. Even in a district where 65 percent of voters are African American.

"I probably would have not run or considered running for mayor if I didn't have the cross over support in this district," Aitken said.

The former commissioner says he hasn't had time to think who he will support in the race, because he's been thinking about his own chances. He says he'll have to weigh the options for the May 20 election.

"These forums will prove a lot... To a lot of us and really what will come about," he said.

Aitken knows you can never say never in politics-- but unless you change his mind-- it looks like he's done.

"Qualifying isn't up until noon Friday, so if we get a couple thousand phone calls that would be something. My number is 706-724-4377," he said.

Aitken said Augusta has a lot of potential to grow. He just hopes those in charge now can work together, so every one can benefit from the growth things like Fort Gordon and GRU will bring.

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