Augusta Firechief throws commissioners out of meeting

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Augusta's Fire chief ended the commission meeting throwing leaders out the building. Something set the fire-alarm off. A few commissioners tell us they were glad because the meeting had gone on forever, but others just kept talking.

"I tell you what we have to find somebody who is brave enough to pull it when nobody is looking. It is an offense you know," said Commissioner Grady Smith.

Commissioners and everybody else were kicked out as fire-fighters stormed in. The fire-alarm went off around 6:00pm four hours after the meeting started.

"It's one of the best ways I know to get it over with. Nobody has a vote and everybody has to go," said Commissioner Grady Smith.

"God gets tired of listening to us sometimes too. There had to be a way to end this meeting," said Commissioner Donnie Smith.

Everyone inside the commission chambers had to rush down eight flights of stairs.

Commissioner Marion Williams and Mayor Deke Copenhaver sparred over a departmental audit that was eventually voted down.
City leaders did however approve zoning for a federal half-way house and a 1.8 percent increase for the RC 1945, City of Augusta 1945 and 1949 pension plans.

They also approved starting the process to allow voters to choose whether or not to give GRU- Augusta $8 million dollars for the Cancer Center.

"It is the will of the commission to put the GRU eight million dollar request in SPLOST package for voters," said Commissioner Mary Davis.

"My recommendation would be to wait and put it on the November ballot. It would give us ample time to due our due diligence," said Commissioner Bill Lockett.

A selection committee will look over two management proposals for the city's golf course this week. Commissioners will then vote on which company will manage day to day operations at "The Patch".

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