Augusta Commission meeting length causes some to bail

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News12 at 11 o'clock/ March 4, 2014

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In Augusta, Ga (WRDW)----Augusta's Commission meeting went on so long leaders started leaving. They didn't even have enough members to vote to close it so legally the meeting had to be suspended.

"I don't know where do you start," said Commissioner Alvin Mason.

"I don't know," said Commissioner Mary Davis.

"It's a joke. It's a joke and it's sad," said Commissioner Grady Smith.

City officials were at a loss for words after the commission meeting. Four left before it was over.
Commissioners Wayne Guilfoyle, Donnie Smith and Mary Davis say they had prior engagements. Once Commissioner Bill Fennoy left the meeting ended.

"I'm a diabetic I have to go take my medication," said Commissioner Bill Fennoy.

"It's all because of one commissioner. I need to know this and I need to know that," said Commissioner Grady Smith.

He's talking about Commissioner Marion Williams. "They representing a community . If they're walking out, it's not because of me. It's because they didn't want to be here. They don't want to ask those questions," said Commissioner Marion Williams.

Last week a fire alarm ended a four hour commission meeting, but this week as they approached hour three commissioners bailed. "You have to talk to the commissioners walking out and you need to talk to the Fire department about the alarm," said Commissioner Marion Williams.

Commissioner Williams had a lot to say about the city's storm debris contract and how the city chose storm removal companies Ashbritt and Leiods.

Williams and other commissioners also went back and forth about available money left over from previous sales tax projects. "If you're voted the next mayor of Augusta will the meetings continue this way? Well I would hope not at the end of the day each commissioner is responsible for themselves," said

"I'm hoping that may 20th, will change some of that. You know we will get a new set of horses," said Commissioner Smith.

Only time will tell if the election in May will bring something other than new commissioners.

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