Animal lovers bracing for a loud Fourth of July night

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News 12 at 11 O'clock / Friday, July 4, 2014

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NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C (WRDW) -- Here a boom. There a boom.

"Last night I could hear them down past the house, It was kind of loud," said Kayla Mills who lives in North Augusta.

Chances are if your dog's watching the TV story beside you, they're having a fit.

"They come up against me and I'll hold on to them," she said.

That's where Kayla Hill's dogs stay all night long.

"Especially tonight, they'll probably be inside by the time the fireworks go off," said the dog owner.

But if your dogs are outside, you may want to think about keeping them close.

"More dogs are lost than any other time of the year," said Elaine Van Der Linden with Mollys Militia Animal Rescue Group.

The cracks and pops even on the fourth, sends Elaine dogs crazy.

"Their sense of hearing is much greater than ours," she said.

When they hear the boom, they start to zoom away as fast as they can.

"They get out of the fence and they bolt, and then they don't have a collar on," said Van Der Linden.

They then head to the animal shelter,if picked up. A place already growing in population.

"They can only hold so many animals," she said.

Last year, Aiken County Animal Control's phones lit up. Dog owners looking for their dogs, others calling to get dogs picked up.

"Just have it where your dogs can't get out during the fourth of July or any fireworks," she said.

Even if her two pups got loose, Mills tags them up.

"Somebody can get a hold of me, if need be," said Mills.

A way to keep them safe, if the fireworks ever scare them away.

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