Animal Services contract with rescue groups helps to save lives

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Friday, July 25, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Around the table, talk about change, like what the city of Augusta could be doing differently, to keep more animals alive.

But when you look at how many animals leave this facility and who takes them, things are quite different.

Last year, 835 animals were adopted out by people looking for a new companion. But only 177 animals transferred to rescue groups that keep busy dealing with calls of their own.

Willene Colvin says she gets Facebook messages, and dozens of phone calls on stray animals needing a new home.

Now, a new contract between the city and rescue groups could create a new relationship, giving the rescue groups the opportunity to get more animals medical attention and get them sterilized.

And things seem to be improving. The Dog Networking Agent group already helping ease the number of animals in the Richmond County shelter.

Last week, they pulled 22 dogs from the kennels. This week, the plan on getting 23 dogs. The following week, they are hoping for even more.

Some say a great start to fixing a major problem across Augusta.

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