Aiken schools see lower than expected student totals

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Thursday, Aug. 28, 2014

AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WRDW) -- Aiken County School’s first attendance numbers are in and they’re lower than leaders were expecting, but they say it’s a normal occurrence

“It was a lot of rush,” said Linda Butler. “Parents getting there later than normal and it was extremely crowded to me anyway.”

After the first day of school, there were around 1,400 less students than were expected. That number eventually went down to only about 500 students after the third day.

“I was expecting a lot of kids,” said Butler, “I didn't expect it to be 500 below the normal.”

But those numbers don’t include the three charter schools in the county. One of those, Horse Creek Academy, has a brand new building and can now hold over 300 students. That’s double what it could before.

“I think personally for more one on one with the teachers,” said Butler, “There should be less students in the classroom, but then you have to add more teachers to that.”

For 14 years, Horse Creek Academy was known as Midland Valley Prep but with a new name came a new building. In all, there are 160 more students attending public charter schools in the county than last year.

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