Aiken man finds bed bugs in hotel bed

Saturday, June 21, 2014

(WRDW) --

A good night's sleep interrupted, when a man woke up to some unexpected visitors in his hotel bed. Latrone Plush says he was staying at the Knight's Inn on Richland Avenue when he realized his bed was filled with bed bugs.

Latrone Plush is still scratching his arm after spending the night at the Knight's Inn on Richland Avenue Thursday night. He says when he woke up in the middle of the night, he found an unexpected guest in his bed. "When I pulled back the cover, that's when I saw them all, they were all in the covers and the mattress," Latrone said.

Latrone was able to take a video and pictures of the bugs. He says they were all over the place, crawling on the bed sheets and pillows.

But he wasn't alone. Almost exactly a year earlier his sister-in-law saw bed bugs at the exact same hotel.

Marcy Coleman wasn't surprised at all when her brother-in-law told her about his experience. "I told you they had bed bugs, and he said but I thought they remodeled, and I said it doesn't matter," she said.

Marcy was staying at the Knight's Inn with her daughter in June of last year, but she couldn't even get through a night there. Little bug bites could be seen all over one side of her daughter's leg, arm, and face, she said.

She says just days after her stay, the Knight's Inn remodeled, but Latrone says, it didn't solve the problem. "I trusted them because they said they remodeled, I put trust in them," he said.

Latrone was able to get half of his money back from his stay after speaking with management on multiple occasions, but he says that's not enough to get him to go back. "Never in my life, not even if my life depended on it would I go back, I would sleep in my car first," Latrone said.

We reached out to the Knight's Inn to comment on this situation, they have not yet responded to us. This isn't the first time a local hotel has had bed bugs though. In 2012 News 12 reported the Knight's Inn on Boy Scout Road in Augusta had bed bugs, and in 2013 the Royal Inn also reportedly had bed bugs.

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