Aiken drivers worried about blind curves

Friday August 8, 2014

AIKEN COUNTY, SC (WRDW) -- Some Drivers in Aiken county are worried about blind curves that they say could easily be taken care of.

"Week before last a woman ran off into the ditch to keep from hitting somebody and broad siding him," said driver Joe Gleedon.

Gleedon says he’s been trying for months to get SCDOT out to clear the right of ways around curves but says that he’s gotten nearly no response.

"We've got a mess," said Gleeson, "It seems like nobody cares."

News 12 reached out to South Carolina DOT who said that their guidelines say right of ways must be clear enough for a vehicle to pull off and be clear 14-feet high. They also said that the local Aiken office has been short staffed due to budget cuts. However, the state office says they are planning on sending an extra crew to the area in the next two weeks to help clear the problem areas.

"What happens you come around one of these curves and there's a school bus picking up a kid," Gleedon said. "What happens you come around one of these curves and there’s a kid on a bicycle."

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