Aiken Co. SAT scores improve, how other students can too

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News 12 This Morning/Friday Sept. 27, 2013

Aiken County Schools have reason to celebrate for scoring higher than the state average on SAT and Exit Exam scores this year.

And a couple of schools are standing out from the rest.

"We're really really proud of our students," said Collette Johnson, Principal at Silver Bluff High School.

Silver Bluff High School averages the highest HSAP exit exam scores in the county, which is also higher than the state's average.

"We're really really excited about our HSAP scores [and] having our first time pass rate be 90 percent," she said.

Principal Johnson says Silver Bluff's high scores are thanks to a few different factors.

"They've been doing a lot of reviews," she said. "Our teachers have been using Compass and USA Test Prep. They're doing review on in the classroom and they're also doing review on the computer."

Across the county, students and faculty are celebrating getting the highest SAT scores at South Aiken High School.

"The biggest accomplishment I like to see is that we went up from last year," said Bryan SKipper, principal at South Aiken High.

Principal Bryan Skipper says in his more than five years of leading at South Aiken High, he feels the key doing better on the SAT's is students pushing themselves and taking high level courses.

"In the last five years we've almost doubled the number of students that are taking these high level college preparatory courses," he said.

Now, both Johnson and Skipper are looking ahead to encouraging future text takers.

"Challenge yourself in order to be successful," said Skipper.

"We want to offer a challenge to the class this year to exceed this past year's students," said Johnson.

Both principals say their staff went above and beyond to encourage their students to prep outside of class. Both schools also offer preparatory workshops before, after and during school.

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