Aiken City Council talking overtime hours for ice storm clean up

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Monday, March 24th, 2014

Aiken City Council

AIKEN, S.C. (WRDW) -- "This issue was just for the people who would come out of park and recs, public services, and public works," said City Council member Dick Dewar.

There's no doubt the ice storm hit the city of Aiken hard. Closing the city for three days. City employees who were not able to work still got regular paychecks. Other workers did hit the icy streets thinking they would get paid overtime. City Council member Dick Dewar has been getting calls.

"Apparently a supervision or group of supervisors implied that they would receive overtime if they worked those three days," Dewar said.

When the checks came out the overtime wasn't there.

"And they were paid straight time for those hours of work so the difference is between straight time and time and a half. It should not have happened because there aren't any provisions for that to have happened and it was clearly a mistake and we have to learn from it," Dewar said.

City officials do want to give back to all those dedicated workers who helped the city of Aiken bounce back.

"Under the adverse weather conditions. Council wants to make sure that they are fairly paid since they worked through some very difficult circumstances," said city manager Richard Pearce.

Officials say money from FEMA will reimburse Aiken for regular pay and overtime pay under a pilot program. Which gives the city a pool of $50,000 for 261 workers.

"We looked at 100 dollars a day for the work as a potential bonus. We want to have a discussion with council because any bonus or additional pay that council would like to award to our employees would have to be voted on in public session with an ordinance," said Pearce.

They need to pass that ordinance because it changes the budget. Council did not vote on this tonight but they hope to have everything hashed out in their next work session.

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